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Ultimate Stopwatch

Welcome to Ultimate Stopwatch version 2.8.

Watches 2.8 is a major update internally, but with relatively few visible changes.
It takes advantage of many new iOS features: more compatible and better performing.
Simple to use, but powerful enough to handle your most complex needs.

Some things to try:

  • Staggered Start to spread out Runners with a full-screen Launch Board
  • Huge Start button to make starting easier
  • Batch launch a group during a Race
  • Interval races (Run, pause, run again …)
  • Up Volume to start a Race without even looking
  • Volume during Race to create an unassigned Lap (or Stop)

New features in 2.8:

  • Increased spacing between watches
  • Scale/crop circular photos with higher resolution
  • Faces with larger photos to identify runners
  • Edit a race’s Date and Location
  • Works on Macs as well
  • Restructured Preferences with help text
  • New platform for FAQs and help
We hope 2.8 works well for you. If it does, there’s nothing that’ll say it better than a good review on iTunes (see Watches’ menu). If not, let us know how we can help at our support site (also in Watches menu!).