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Welcome to Ultimate Stopwatch version 2.6.

Version 2.6 is a major update with a long list of new features requested by our users
to make Watches better in real-world situations.
Simple to use, but powerful enough to handle your most complex needs.

Better Race Starts:

  • New Staggered Start to spread out runners
  • Launch each runner on fullscreen Launch Board
  • Start easier with a new, huge Start button
  • Start a race without looking; just hit Up Volume
  • Launch a group as a batch during a race
  • Add a person to current race from their history
  • Interval race support (Run, pause, run again ...)
  • During race, use Volume to create an unassigned Lap (or Stop) to assign later

Better Device Support:

  • Optimized for iOS devices: from the 4s to iPad Pro
  • Use Split Screen Support (on compatible iPads)
  • Humongous watch face (for iPads)
  • Force-push Peek and Pop (6s & 6s+)
  • More popups (on iPad and larger iPhones)
  • Restructured Preferences with help text

Better Reporting:

  • Split-views in Landscape for People and Reports
  • Tracks Personal-Best by race type
  • Shows both split & cumulative laps at same time
  • Choose lap-display and time-units for reports
  • Graph individual's progress over time
  • Graph a race's results
  • Shows locations as text (vs lat/long)
  • Adds runner's photos & Race-Types to reports
  • Choose CSV, HTML, or text exports
  • Search for Races by name

Better Editing:

  • Add/delete laps while editing a Watch
  • Choose from existing runners to combine a Watch
  • Make notes on people across all races
  • Edit current or historic Race Info
  • Specify default Activity Types
We hope 2.6 works well for you. If it does, there's nothing that'll say it better than a good review on iTunes (see Watches' menu). If not, let us know how we can help at our support site (guess where!).